[dba-Tech] Access query

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Mon Mar 4 23:41:52 CST 2019

The inner join is taking effect before the StrComp() so you are not getting any matches.
Try removing the inner join. 

[I&P-44-4-accounts].[Account ID], [I&P-44-4-contacts].[Account ID] FROM
[I&P-44-4-accounts] ,[I&P-44-4-contacts] WHERE (((StrComp([I&P-44-4-accounts.account
id],[I&P-44-4-contacts].[account id]))=0));

On 5 Mar 2019 at 1:27, Mary Davis wrote:

> I hope I'm posting my question in the right place.
> I'm trying to use a query to match 2 tables: accounts and contacts.The
> account ID is case sensitive.  (it comes from SalesForce.) I thought
> I found a way to add criteria to a simple query to look for case
> sensitive ID matches.  But I'm not able to figure out how to run
> this.Is this possible?  If so, can you provide me some
> instructions?   This is what I came up with. SELECT
> [I&P-44-4-accounts].[Account ID], [I&P-44-4-contacts].[Account ID]FROM
> [I&P-44-4-accounts] INNER JOIN [I&P-44-4-contacts] ON
> [I&P-44-4-accounts].[Account ID] = [I&P-44-4-contacts].[Account
> ID]WHERE (((StrComp([I&P-44-4-accounts.account
> id],[I&P-44-4-contacts].[account id]))=0));
> thanks very much for your help.
> MaryWilmington Delaware
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