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Dear Lists:

Love Google drive.  Works well on my comp.  I have one folder only syncing
to the cloud.  That's the way I want it.

Now, I bought a new computer and I'm getting it all configured for the big
switchover, except for Google Drive - which is giving me a hard time.

On the old machine the Google Drive folder to sync is on drive E: in a
folder called Google Drive logically enough. And it syncs to the Google
Drive folder on Computer(0) in the cloud. Groovy.

On the new machine the Google drive folder is on drive H: and I copied the
whole folder (about 105GB) from E: to H: (which, incidentally is a 1TB SSD)
which I have plugged into the new comp.

When I try to get Google Drive Backup and Sync started in new comp, Google
drive creates a new computer - Computer(1) - in the cloud and puts a Google
Drive folder under that, and begins to sync stuff there from the Google
Drive folder in H: (I figured out how to specify the folder in the comp
here on earth to sync with the cloud).

I'd like the new comp's Google Drive Backup and Sync to sync to
Computer(0)'s Google Drive folder and not create a new Computer(1) with a
Google Folder under that  but can't get it to do that.

Perhaps it thinks that since I'm on a new comp I should have a new comp in
the cloud as well.  I don't know. Not important what Google Drive is

Question is, how do I teach Backup and Sync on the new comp to sync with
the existing Computer(0) in the cloud and stop creating Computer (1)?

Sign me Hairless in Carlsbad.



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