[dba-Tech] The definition of an obsolete programming language

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 16:43:05 CST 2020

(and the the attendant jobs). My guess is that C and C++ and even C# and
Java are fading quickly. I don't have objective numbers to bak up this
assertion, but I do have objective numbers regarding development time
vis-a-vis performance. To put it bluntly, if if it takes you three years to
develop an app in C++ v. two weeks in MS-Access, who gives a fork about the
milliseconds saved? Well, in some cases, this does matter, but not in most
Treturing to the subject, everyone agrees that C++ is much speedier than
Python, on specific use cases, but that measure ignores development time
and immediacy of need. To take one current example, suppose that a COVID-19
vaccine could be developed with a 90% success rate in 20 weeks versus
another with guaranteed 99% but took 50 weeks to develop and deploy.
Yes, I switched topics, so let's return to the issues involving software.
How important is CPU speed, given the speed of even modest laptops? Do
milliseconds matter that much, as compared to transparency and clarity of
coded solutions?
I once was a fanatic for speed, but no longer. I am much more interested in
how quickly the solutions can be broadcast, not the performance of same.
Case in point being the new variants of COVID that emerged in the UK. This
data has to be broadcast worldwide ASAP. And we need to solve this, no
matter which programming language is best suited to the task. The point is
the solution, not the speed of the language.


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