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I would guess you possibly have cataracts or other issues that need to
be diagnosed by an EYE DOCTOR.

New glasses with the same prescription ain't going to help you.


On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 6:45 PM Arthur Fuller <fuller.artful at gmail.com> wrote:
> My vision seems to rapidly deteriorating. For a person who spends a lot of
> time reading, this is a disaster. I think I'd prefer to lose a leg rather
> than my eyesight.
> My bifocals are several years old; perhaps it is time for another
> examination. A side question: I have been experimenting (by closing one eye
> then the other and comparing views) and have learned that my left eye is
> substantially worse than my right eye. But when I see estimates of vision,
> I typically see 20-20 or some variation of what appears to be the measure
> of a single eye. Should I choose to buy new glasses, the pair of lenses
> would require different prescriptions, methinks. Does anyone know anything
> about this? I most certainly don't.
> Second question. My neighbourhood was formerly, well, not a slum but
> definitely inhabited by a majority of economically impoverished people, and
> in the past few years is undergoing Gentrification. As a consequence of
> that, the stores on Queen Street have all been gentrified as well. Within
> about 5 blocks of me are an equal number of stores that sell glasses, and
> basically they sell fashion-glasses. All I'm after is a pair of glasses
> that work. I'm way too old to consider the fashion aspect; I just want
> glasses that work, so once again I can read my usual couple of books a week.
> --
> Arthur
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