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Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Sun Nov 29 14:02:41 CST 2020

Those security questions I hate as well. But I have a specific word I use to answer any "name" type questions - mother's maiden name, father's middle name,  best friend in high school; whatever it is, I use that particular word; which is NOT a name. Almost all of them have a "first pet" and nobody knows the name of my first pet, so I use that one. And many of them have "favorite teacher", and first car. Just be selective about the questions and use the same answers throughout. Kind of defeats the security questions, but at least it gets around the issue of remembering. Of course, that's "hindsight" for you not remembering what you used in the past, but some tips for going forward.

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> I went through Apple ID Hell today with Marty's account.  They want answers
> to Security Questions which I knowingly entered BS answers too many years
> ago in order to turn on "Two Factor Authentication" which everyone
> acknowledges is the way to go.  

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