[dba-Tech] about google's floc

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 11 21:41:47 CDT 2021

big fuss about google's floc 

if all retailers in my town were to band together to collectively track 
where i shop hereand what i buy, would i be upset? no, 'cuz i think of 
shopping as a public activity where i've zero expectation of privacy. if 
there's an argument against that, what is it?

if on the other hand a retailer installs a trojan on a device of mine 
(as the chinese maker of my new tablet did), i'm upset 'cuz i've an 
expectation that i get to choose what i publish, so i  complain publicly 
and ask the retailer to stop selling that shite, and naturally i remove 
the trojan.

more interestingmebbe for people like readers here. closed-source 
closed-architecturesystemslike those made by apple impose strict 
top-down corporate control of what software its customers can use. and 
how they can use it, andthereforehave the potential to prevent snooping 
if they choose to do so. on the other hand, open source 
open-architecture systems like android, and open architecture systems 
like windows, make such top-downcorporate control impossible.  I prefer 
this arrangement because i get to make my own choices. if there's an 
argument that my preference is unsound, what is it?


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