[dba-Tech] Ransomware v. Cloud

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 7 21:17:11 CDT 2021

On 6/7/2021 6:02 PM, Arthur Fuller wrote:
> I am a small potato, hardly worth the effort expended to try to extort me.
> Most all of my documents are stored on the cloud, and almost nothing I
> store is worth even a dollar's ransom. The only local vulnerability is the
> documents I wrote today. But this leads me to thin, what if these ransomers
> manage to penetrate the cloud itself?
> Anybody who knows more about this is invited to tell me how to protect my
> mostly worthless documents.
Two aspects of it ... keeping secret what needs to be secret, and 
hedging against data loss.

About privacy, if yer "cloud" ain't failsafe-protected against ransom 
attacks, yer in trouble.

About hedging against data loss, isn't the basic rule that we need to 
regularly backup to offsite safety at intervals that always prevent loss 
of more data than we can afford to lose?


(ii) isn;t the basic rule

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