[dba-Tech] Windows update hell

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On 6/20/2021 7:37 AM, Gustav Brock via dba-Tech wrote:
> Hi Peter
> It may be one out a million. I've never seen anything like that; on the contrary, Windows 10 update is a vast improvement to that of Windows 7 (and earlier) that could go into a kind of lock up.
> Our general advice, if machines or Office behaves in a non-expected way, is to make a clean install from scratch using the current Windows 10 build. Given decent (branded) and relatively new hardware, that has never failed.

Or buy a new computer, restore data backups, and start over again. Sure. 
Trash her working environment, remove her preferred browser from the 
computer, trash its saved bookmarks, replace the browser with Edge. 
Trash her Outlook email entirely because Microsoft would like her to buy 
a new version. Corporate America is delighted to use up hours of our 
time cleaning up its messes so long as the process contributes to 
profit. And we're its handmaidens. Utterly corrupt.


> /gustav
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> Win 10 updates can now take up to ten hours. Anybody aware of a reason
> why one ought not to simply disable the Windows Update serviceB
> PN
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