[dba-Tech] finding the most consistent combination of 3 columns

John Bartow jbartow at winhaven.net
Tue Mar 9 11:44:59 CST 2021

I agree that is true.

This is actually a starting point for the intended purpose so it is acceptable for now. Once I get some of the other basic items figured out then I may have to revisit this too. I am just in the very beginning of working out the flow of this and had to know that I could get this far. Once I get a the basic flow of it I will most likely post it here and let you all tear it to shreds.

And I'm sure along the way I'll post some more vague questions on how to accomplish something that I don't explain very well.

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Guess it depends on how you define "consistemt?  

Absolute difference or relative difference

I woould say that the numbers in row 37 were much "closer" to each other than row 22.

In the first, the outlier is only 20% larger tha the other two.
In the second it is the 100% larger

With your method,  0,0,1  has the same "spread" as 50,50,51 and 98.98.99  which I find hard to accept when dealing with percentages. :)

On 9 Mar 2021 at 2:36, John Bartow wrote:

> 37	5.00	6.00	5.00	2.00
> 22	2.00	1.00	1.00	2.00

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