[dba-Tech] Cell phone puzzle

Tina N Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Tue May 4 08:40:36 CDT 2021

Larry and I have matching phones - LG Stylo5, Android Operating System, 
and Verizon as the carrier.

Suddenly, this past weekend, Larry is unable to make any calls on his 

When he attempts to dial out, he gets the message that he is out of 
range of the mobile network. That happens even though his phone is 
within a foot of my phone that is having no difficulty reaching that 
same mobile network. He can send and receive text messages. And, he was 
able to use the Verizon visual call facility to connect to my phone.

When I place a call to his phone, it goes directly to voice mail, just 
as though the phone were turned off.

I thought this might mean he had put it into airplane mode, but it isn't 
in airplane mode. I have looked through the settings, but am not finding 
anything that explains this behavior. I've also powered it all the way 
down and rebooted it - did not fix the problem.

I've never seen this before in a cell phone. Has anyone on the list had 
this experience? Does anyone know what the issue may be? Thanks for any 
guidance you may offer.


Tina Norris Fields

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