[dba-Tech] Cell phone puzzle

Peter Brawley peter.brawley at earthlink.net
Tue May 4 14:18:31 CDT 2021

On 5/4/2021 8:40 AM, Tina N Fields wrote:
> Larry and I have matching phones - LG Stylo5, Android Operating 
> System, and Verizon as the carrier.
> Suddenly, this past weekend, Larry is unable to make any calls on his 
> phone.
> When he attempts to dial out, he gets the message that he is out of 
> range of the mobile network. That happens even though his phone is 
> within a foot of my phone that is having no difficulty reaching that 
> same mobile network. He can send and receive text messages. And, he 
> was able to use the Verizon visual call facility to connect to my phone.
> When I place a call to his phone, it goes directly to voice mail, just 
> as though the phone were turned off.
> I thought this might mean he had put it into airplane mode, but it 
> isn't in airplane mode. I have looked through the settings, but am not 
> finding anything that explains this behavior. I've also powered it all 
> the way down and rebooted it - did not fix the problem.
> I've never seen this before in a cell phone. Has anyone on the list 
> had this experience? Does anyone know what the issue may be? Thanks 
> for any guidance you may offer.

Is he still able to send/rcv email, browse the web? If so, does he have 
call via wifi enabled, and if so can he make that work? If that's the 
case, https://www.wirefly.com/guides/android-says-no-service-how-to-fix 
has some suggestions.

Otherwise he might could walk the list at 


> Regards,
> T

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