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Hello John!

I've read that with W11 the taskbar cannot be moved off the bottom of the screen.  I've always kept my taskbar on top to reduce repetitive stress and so I can stay focused on the top of the screen.  If you come across a work-around for this issue with the task bar could you post it here?  :-)


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Hi Gustav,
I'll wait awhile on Windows 11 for myself and business clients because history teaches us the MS releases things to soon to appease their marketing department. A few months from now I'll start lurking on the forums covering the applications and devices I need to support and make the decision.

I have residential customers to support who have already bought new computers preloaded with Windows 11. It does start and stop much quicker than previous versions. I like that they actually have colored icons again. Back to Windows colorful look! When I get some slack time I'll upgrade one of my PCs and install the myriad of apps I have and hopefully they will all just work fine. 😉

John B 
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