[dba-Tech] Money apps

Kathryn Bassett kathryn at bassett.net
Thu Apr 28 11:55:18 CDT 2022

Susan, I used Venmo once because that's what the client used to pay me, and I use Zelle once a month to pay the gardener so I don't have to go get cash and then work out a time to get together with him to give it to him. In Chase's "Pay & Transfer" section, I can choose "Pay Bills" and "Send Money with Zelle". In each, it can be done as a one-off, or set to automatic. The Pay Bills is probably like your credit union's "transfer funds". Unlike Rocky, I do make use of  "let companies make periodic transfers from my bank account". I actually have two checking accounts at Chase. One is nicknamed "AutoPay". I have over a dozen regular bills set up to withdraw my automatic payment from that account - each of the utilities, insurance, newspaper, entertainment (AMC, Hulu, etc), and a few others. All the pension/SS etc money goes into a different account for non-regular things. I transfer $X/month into AutoPay. That $X is a fixed amount determined on the usual monthly amounts, and 1/12 of the annuals, 1/6 of the twice a year things, 1/4 of the quarterly. That way, I know that the money is there when those non-monthly bills come in. >From what I've figured out, most major banks have one of the major apps available to you, like Chase has Zelle. Find out what app your Credit Union has available and use that.

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