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Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 12:13:17 CDT 2022

"Unlike Rocky, I do make use of  "let companies make periodic transfers
from my bank account".  I don't either.  I have one periodic charge to a
debit card with a small amount of cash in it (<$1k) and an automatic charge
against my credit card.  Nobody touches my bank accounts.

I even set my brokerage accounts to prohibit transfers between accounts. So
when I need to make a transfer I call and ask for the transfer.


On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 9:55 AM Kathryn Bassett <kathryn at bassett.net> wrote:

> Susan, I used Venmo once because that's what the client used to pay me,
> and I use Zelle once a month to pay the gardener so I don't have to go get
> cash and then work out a time to get together with him to give it to him.
> In Chase's "Pay & Transfer" section, I can choose "Pay Bills" and "Send
> Money with Zelle". In each, it can be done as a one-off, or set to
> automatic. The Pay Bills is probably like your credit union's "transfer
> funds". Unlike Rocky, I do make use of  "let companies make periodic
> transfers from my bank account". I actually have two checking accounts at
> Chase. One is nicknamed "AutoPay". I have over a dozen regular bills set up
> to withdraw my automatic payment from that account - each of the utilities,
> insurance, newspaper, entertainment (AMC, Hulu, etc), and a few others. All
> the pension/SS etc money goes into a different account for non-regular
> things. I transfer $X/month into AutoPay. That $X is a fixed amount
> determined on the usual monthly amounts, and 1/12 of the
>   annuals, 1/6 of the twice a year things, 1/4 of the quarterly. That way,
> I know that the money is there when those non-monthly bills come in. From
> what I've figured out, most major banks have one of the major apps
> available to you, like Chase has Zelle. Find out what app your Credit Union
> has available and use that.
> Kathryn
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