[dba-Tech] Any Power BI experts

Susan Harkins ssharkins at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 19:58:08 CDT 2022

What I want:


A report with a simple visualization (table is fine) that displays all sales
with no aggregation summing. I want to use an independent table, as a
slicer, to filter the records in the table visualization to the top n. Yes,
I know I can use a built-in top n filter, but it allows only one number. I
want to offer the consumer a variety of top n options. 


I have a measure that returns the selected value in the table slicer. It
works fine. I have a second measure that uses TOPN, where n matches the
selected value in the table slicer - the first measure. 


No matter what I do, I can not update the actual visualization with the
final measure that uses the TOPN function. 


So frustrated. 


Any help? 


Susan H. 

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