[dba-Tech] Shell Infrastructure Host

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:56:49 CST 2022

Dear List(s):

I am editing photos from our recent month long trip in Spain. I'm using MS
Photo for light editing - it does most of what I need - crop, straighten,
brightness, contrast, color saturation - even has a spot fix function.
Very nice program - fast, easy to use.  For heavier work I go to Photoshop
- like correcting keystoning.

Since I started in on this job I noticed a lot of latency in response time
when moving from one pic to another, opening the editor, etc.

Checking the Task Manager I found that a program called Shell
Infrastructure Host was causing a lot of this slowdown.  So I did a little
research on it and it appears to be a problem without a current solution.
But my search of the internets for Shell Infrastructure Host problem may
not have uncovered the solution.

Does anyone have this problem and if so is there anything to be done about



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