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Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Sat Oct 22 15:19:48 CDT 2022

If it is still opening opening Execl 2010 when you have installed 2021, there was a problem 
with the installation.

Check that
has a Default value
has a Default value of 
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE" "%1"

(Open RegEdit as Admsinistrator)

Sounds like it is is pointing to an earlier installation and is missing the "%1"

On 22 Oct 2022 at 12:11, Rocky Smolin wrote:

> I don't use excel much but since I installed that $50 copy of Office
> 2021, when I double click an excel file, it opens excel (2010, the
> default)  but doesn't load the file. So I have to go to File and open
> it there.  Since mostly I opening excel files that I use from time to
> time - time sheets, journals, mail lists, etc -  they're on the
> recently used list so I don't have to navigate to file with the open
> file dialog box.
> But it's an annoyance and if there's a workaround I sure would
> appreciate it.
> Rocky
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