[dba-Tech] Why is gaming the measure of CPU performance?

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 17:57:23 CST 2023

Here is a typical quote:
The i3–12100 easily demolishes the six core i5–10400 and Ryzen 3600X in
gaming performance. In fact, it can often match, and in some cases beat the
5600X while driving an RTX 3080.
Why is gaming the test? I've never played a game on my computers in my
life! My game is writing code, and I spend a lot of time comparing
solutions (for example, in C++, what is the fastest way to traverse a
collection of 100,000 items? Use an array, a vector, a list, etc.) I am
also very interested in database performance: how quickly can I find
an item in a table of 1 million rows? How significant is the choice of
index structure?

What is it about gaming that makes it a valid test of CPU performance?


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