[dba-VB] OT: Creating a new asp project in .net

Jim DeMarco Jdemarco at hshhp.org
Wed May 7 07:55:34 CDT 2003


No good news here but I want to tell you I was getting the same error when I tried to create a new ASP.NET app (or web service) on my office PC running IIS locally.  Then one day we had a consultant in who knows .NET and I was showing him my problem and miraculously it created the ASP.NET application!  I know this does not help you but I had this problem for months and I cannot tell you what made it go away.  I installed VS.NET on two systems previous to this and did not encounter this situation until I put it on a box where I really needed it.

Jim DeMarco
Director of Product Development
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I am trying to set up a new .asp project in .net.  The docs state that IIS
has to be running on the local machine, but they also imply that you can
somehow make this happen running on a server on another machine.  I have IIS
running on my server machine, and am trying to get the project to understand
a directory on that machine as the project directory.  I am getting an error
message that:

"Unable to create directory... blah blah... The unc share
\\C2DbServer\D2DbWeb\ does not exist or you do not have access to it."

It in fact does exist.  One of the docs says that the administrator and the
system have to have full permissions on that dir, so I specifically went in
and set it up such that they did.  Still no joy.

If anyone has done this before, can you pipe up and tell me what I may be
doing wrong.  Again, I want to create an ASP project, using Visual Studio
.net running on my development machine, with the project located in a
directory on my server, and controlled by IIS running on my server.


John W. Colby

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