[dba-VB] Text File Into Access Using Visual Basic 6

Joe Rojas JRojas at tnco-inc.com
Wed Jan 28 12:21:03 CST 2004

Do you HAVE to use VB to do this? Can you just use Access and do a File ->
Get External Data -> Import?
This would be much easier, IMO.


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To all,

Can anyone tell me (preferably with sample code, if possible), what is the
fastest way to import a .txt file into a predefined table in access via
Visual Basic 6.

My .txt file contains roughly 365,876 records with two fields - Barcode,
Price.  This has to be imported into an Access table also containing two
fields Barcode (text), Price (Number, Double, Fixed, 2 decimal places). 

The .txt file is comma delimited.  I'm using Access XP and Visual Basic 6.0
as the front-end.

Thanks in advance for any help as, this project needs to be ready for Monday

Paul Hartland
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