[dba-VB] Smtp mail from vb.net

Eric Barro ebarro at afsweb.com
Thu Aug 18 21:54:34 CDT 2005

If you are trying to send via mail.optonline.com and it resolves to one of
your machines on the internal network it won't work. Try using localhost
which resolves to (assuming that the mail server is your local
machine) or the internal IP of the smtp server. 

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I'm trying to get .net to send email for me without going through Outlook.
I found the following on the web:

Imports System.Web.Mail
Imports System.IO
Module basMail
    'FROM: Email address FRom
    'TO: EMAIL address To
    'Subject: Subject; Body: MessageText
    'Optional CC, BCC: CC and bcc recipients
    'SMTPSERVER: Optional, if not specified 
    'local machine is used
    'AttachmentFile (first function: Optional, file name)
    'AttachmentFiles (second function: Optional, list of     
    'attachments in form of an array list)

    Public Sub SendMailOneAttachment(ByVal From As String, _
      ByVal sendTo As String, ByVal Subject As String, _
      ByVal Body As String, _
      Optional ByVal AttachmentFile As String = "", _
      Optional ByVal CC As String = "", _
      Optional ByVal BCC As String = "", _
      Optional ByVal SMTPServer As String = "Mail.optonline.com")

        Dim myMessage As MailMessage

            myMessage = New MailMessage()
            With myMessage
                .To = sendTo
                .From = From
                .Subject = Subject
                .Body = Body
                .BodyFormat = MailFormat.Text
                'CAN USER MAILFORMAT.HTML if you prefer

                If CC <> "" Then .Cc = CC
                If BCC <> "" Then .Bcc = ""

                If FileExists(AttachmentFile) Then _

            End With

            If SMTPServer <> "" Then _
               SmtpMail.SmtpServer = SMTPServer

        Catch myexp As Exception
            Throw myexp
        End Try

    End Sub

When I call the function not passing in an smtp server, nothing obvious
happens, no exception thrown.  No email is delivered to my mail box though.

If I pass in mySMTP server for outlook mail.optonline.com, it throws an
error "system.web.httpexception - could not access cdo.message object".

Any ideas?  If not does anyopne have a drop in function for sending email
that they can walk me through using??

John W. Colby

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