[dba-VB] XML DOM to string?

Jim DeMarco Jdemarco at hudsonhealthplan.org
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I'm not quite sure what you need to do.  You can create the XML from data in your database and you can persist it into a file.  Do you need the ability to read the same XML back into your database (with mods or to receive orders)?

Jim DeMarco

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I'm messing around w/ XML and it's quite late I suppose since there
really is so much I do not know... what I'm trying to do, I have a
class that I use to create a complex XML, that is:

I can save my xmldom object down to a file, but then I'd have to
re-open it and read it all back into a string, and I wondered since
it's in memory if I can just somehow save it to a string instead...
any clues?

- <Header>
  <CompanyName /> 
  <UserType /> 
  <UserNo /> 
  <Address1 /> 
  <Address2 /> 
  <Address3 /> 
  <City /> 
  <State /> 
  <Zip /> 
  <Country /> 
  <Contact /> 
  <Phone /> 
  <Notes /> 
  <ShipMethod /> 
  <PurchaseOrder /> 
  <ShipToID /> 
  <SchedDate /> 
  <Freight /> 
- <OrderItems>
- <WSOrderItem>
- <WSOrderItem>
- <WSOrderItem>

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