[dba-VB] [AccessD] Dot Net, where to start?

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I am at the same place.  I own a copy of VS2005 and SQL Server 2005 (got it
at the coming out party) so I can go there if I wish.  I have it installed
and have played with it quite a bit over the last two years or so.

I am actually considering working in the VB.Net express until I come up to
speed on that, then make the move to VS2005.  The express stuff is free and
provides all the functionality that I can understand for the moment anyway.
Once I get that down, then I will be ready to learn the stuff that the
express versions do not provide. 

As for reporting, that is a show stopper, especially when you come from
Access which is one of the better report generators out there.  I am
actually considering simply using automation to continue using Access as a
report generator for the moment.  Again, once I come up to speed on the .Net
stuff, then I can re-examine my options.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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Hi all

It seems to be the time for me to get into the Dot Net stuff. But where to
The only books on Access I've ever had are the original references and
handbooks for Access 1 and 2 and the Application Development book for Access
97 so I'm reluctant to buy books - I just don't have the patience ...

In the Action Pack - which we subscribe to - I've noticed two discs for VS
2005 Express, "Corbis Image Disc" and "Getting Started". Are these tutorials
worth the effort to study?

I browsed our vb list archive, which I don't subsribe to, and traffic seems
to be low, so where to discuss Dot Net matters at the same level as we
discuss Access here?

One thing I think I've understood is that report design in VS is poor and
third party tools or Report Design Service of SQL Server 2005 are to be
preferred if you need reports on a level that match that of Access.

Of course, my main interest is anything related to databases - pure web
development is second, and game development won't come into play.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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