[dba-VB] Is anybody an expert calling webservices from VB.net?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 21 21:59:53 CDT 2007

Hi David:

Not sure if this is the issue but some older versions of .Net and the .Net
Framework were not compatible. So check the versions on the computer you are
moving to. Make sure you are bringing all the directories like the bin


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I have an existing C#/VS2003 app that calls a webservice that works great.

The program had to be re-written in VS2005/VB.net and it was.

On my local box, I am able to run both the compiled "release" exe and debug
version successfully.

If I take it to a different computer it does not call the webservice.

In .net 1.1, all I had to do when deploying my app was to change the
appname.config file from my localhost address to the live external ip/url.

Have things changed in VS2005/.Net 2.0  that require me to do something

Thanks in advance,
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