[dba-VB] Renaming DBA-VB

Michael R Mattys mmattys at rochester.rr.com
Tue Oct 23 08:12:02 CDT 2007

Well said, John. I concede to VS8.
Yet, the boulder doesn't seem to be moving in any direction.

Michael R. Mattys
MapPoint & Access Dev

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> Gustav,
> One of our list members mentioned that he didn't hang out on our vb list
> because it never gained critical mass and therefore the membership was low
> and the responses to questions low or nonexistent.  I think this is a real
> concern.  AccessD is specialized in Access, everyone there knows and 
> "loves"
> Access and come there to get assistance or share their knowledge about
> Access.
> Now we create a list about "programming".  That is fine except now someone
> come to the list and post a question about Ruby On Rails and get no 
> answers
> because while everyone there is interested in following such threads, no 
> one
> actually uses it.  The thread never starts, and the poster goes away and
> finds a Ruby On Rails list so that he can get his questions answered.
> Make an assumption that somehow we achieve critical mass and we have 40
> questions a day posted in each of Ruby, Java, Python, VBScript, VB6, 
> VB.Net,
> C#, J#, F#, c#, D#, E# Z# and A flat Minor.  I am on the list to learn 
> about
> VB (the original focus) or in my case VB.Net, and I am getting flooded 
> with
> emails about subjects which (not being a musician) I am not interested in
> nor do I have the expertise to appreciate.
> Neither scenario works.  We keep AccessD focused on Access for a reason, 
> so
> that it can be home to people interested in the subject.
> Having said that, we can certainly host a list on "Programming", in which
> discussions about programming concepts and even specific problems in
> whatever language are encouraged.  But I for one would not vote to make 
> the
> VB list that list.
> I use VB.Net a lot these days and I would like a list focused on the dot 
> net
> technology, while holding on to our VB brethren who have not yet moved up.
> I vote to make the VB List a VB list which adds VB.Net and even other VB
> variations if desired, but still focused on VB.
> John W. Colby
> Colby Consulting
> www.ColbyConsulting.com

> In fact, one of the strengths of our lists is the members' broad 
> background
> often supported by solid experience from real life, and we should 
> encourage
> any step to maintain this.
> /gustav

> I thought we should simply widen the target to include the .Net platform,
> specifically VB.Net.  The list is currently VB oriented, and widening the
> scope to include VB.Net (which is a large percentage of the current 
> traffic)
> would be entirely appropriate.
> Just my opinion.
> John W. Colby
> Colby Consulting
> www.ColbyConsulting.com

> I'm not interested in .Net anything, right now.
> Michael R. Mattys
> MapPoint & Access Dev
> www.mattysconsulting.com

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