[dba-VB] Renaming DBA-VB

Michael R Mattys mmattys at rochester.rr.com
Wed Oct 24 21:08:57 CDT 2007

Glad to hear some news on this, since I decided to go with PHP
and its adodb data-abstraction layer add-on.

I will use MySQL or SQLite for which this wrapper is used

Michael R. Mattys
MapPoint & Access Dev

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>I do not usually answer my own emails but...
> I must qualify my last comments as I was unaware of the product cost which
> had me fumbling for my oxygen mask as soon as I saw it.
> Fortunately there are evaluation copies available.
> Jim
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> I offer wonder why Ruby-on-rails is such a popular program considering 
> that
> its performance is rated at one thirtieth of that of C and far below the
> speed of any .Net flavour.
> A friend has recently been required to work with ROR and was not impressed
> with performance and that it could be written so cryptic that he was
> required to write extensive notes in the code.
> His recommendation for the finest .Net programming language is Eiffel:
> http://archive.eiffel.com/doc/manuals/technology/dotnet/eiffelsharp/
> Jim

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