[dba-VB] Compiling Class Library

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at users.mns.ru
Fri Jan 11 09:35:49 CST 2008

Hello Gustav,

You can use CTRL+SHIFT+B to rebuild classlib.

What kind of programming are you doing?

Depending on that you can keep (all) your classlib projects, (FEs), which
use them etc. in one solution: I e.g. have here one of the solutions with 15
projects: 10+ classlibs, console-apps/-utilities, "test-bed"/unit testing
classlibs/console-apps, COM-exposed classlib to use from within VBA etc.

All that 15 classlibs can be recompiled in several seconds...

And I do have another rather large ASP.NET 2.0 web-site solution, which does
use the first solution projects' classlibs...

And all works so well in ensamble that I must "take-off my hat" and say to
MS Software Design Engeenier (in Test) and PMs that they did develop
fantastic software development platform...

I haven't seen yet VS2008 - as William told us here it's even more

P.S. Well, VS 2005 with ASP.NET 2.0 large website projects and complicated
webforms does GPF sometimes... Still it's a fantastic set of development
tool applicable for every development area and task...

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Hi all

In VS2005 I have a project with a reference to Class Library.

When I have both opened in two sessions of VS and editing both, I've found
that I have to run Debug (F5) in the Class Library to have changes reflected
at once in the main project.
That's fine, but when I do so, the Class Library pops an error message that
- of course - a "Class Library cannot be started directly".

How can I get rid of this error message? Or am I doing this in an
unauthorized way?


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