[dba-VB] Why are my data Context Objects soooo sloooow

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Wed Dec 2 07:20:11 CST 2009

Hello Mark --

First of all try to switch to FireFox - forget IE while debugging large
ASP.NET apps from within VS....

I  can only note that debugging large ASP.NET applications is a real PITA -
this is why I'm always trying to get out as much as possible BL and DAL code
into separate projects and develop, debug/test them without UI (ASP.NET or
WinForms or WCF)...

And DNN is a "huge ASP.NET" app with a lot of classlibs, which are so
tightly coupled together that there is no way to debug part of them outside
of running DNN instance - with all the consequences - bad luck...

I suppose you can edit DNN's Data Context Objects source code from AppCode
outside of VS (e.g. within notepad) - when the edits are saved then DNN will
restart, that could take a while, quite a while....

A temp solution could be to keep *all* the source code of DNN module's
control within that control's code behind .aspx.cs (.aspx.vb) during
development - when you edit your code there then ASP.NET app will not
restart it will just recompile .aspx and .aspx.cs - so it should work
considerably quicker...

All in all I think DNN custom modules development is a RPITA - one can never
know how much it will finally take for a given project if they will not try
to find a way to debug/ test as much as possible code outside of running
DNN: something like develop a separate ASP.NET application, make it working
and then port it to DNN environmnet...

Be prepared for "crazy debug sessions" (if I'm  not missing something and
there are some "miracle" tools, which simplify DNN custom development

Philosophic note: DNN seems to be a good example that there "are no miracles
in this world" - DNN is a great prototyping tool and CMS, when one has ready
to use DNN modules and skins, and DNN is becoming RPITA when one have to
develop a(n) (advanced) custom module. Rhetoric Question: Why in this world
there couldn't be a "silver-bullet" tool able to support both standard and
custom development with the same ease as DNN does support CMS development?

I guess "Ruby on Rails" could be "what doctor ordered"?...

Or ASP.NET MVC2 Framework?

DNN did grow from a "junky" MS ASP.NET sample code base, and even advanced
developers as DNN Core Development Team members are can't still "convert"
that original "junk" to pearls...

Hopefully they will do that in DNN v.7? - they "just" need to clean-up DNN
huge code base and to implement what is called "Inversion of Control"
(http://martinfowler.com/articles/injection.html) to "untight" DNN Core
classlibs as much as possible...

Please correct me if I'm wrong - in fact I'd be really happy to be wrong
here as I have had to suspend one of the DNN projects, which didn't go
smoothly because of PITA DNN custom modules development experience...

Sorry, Mark, I have no a definitive answer for you here - just some "soap"
and "bubbles" and PITA of my own DNN custom modules development experience,
which I need to find a way to workaround, or quit the idea of DNN custom
development completely as it's too expensive to be true. Still hope I missed
some approaches to simplify this development - I mean ready to use
approaches and tools without long learning curve...

Thank you.


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Hello All,

I am running VS 2008 on a powerful machine with loads of resources.  My
project is a DNN project sitting in the wwwroot folder which allows me to
change a few lines of code and then immediately see the results in the web

However, when I manipulate the Data Context Objects in the AppCode Folder,
the response times are dreadfully, slow.  It takes three to four minutes to
open, edit, save and close one of these objects.

I have tried it on a second machine and the results are similar.

I can edit the Dbml files outside of the solution, but I am not sure whether
that is safe to do so, when I edit them outside the solution (copying and
pasting to another folder and then opening the dbml file from there), they
open instantly.  When I say "safe to do so", does the project file or the
sln file need to be updated with the changes that have been made.  I do get
some warning message about "cannot find web.config, so using the file from
the dbml file instead" which I accepted.

I recall Shamil mentioned that manually editing these within the individual
files is not a good idea, so i guess that he may have been suffering the
same problems as I am, IE so sloooow to open and close.

TIA for an help, if I have not expressed the problem clearly enough, let me

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