[dba-VB] Why are my data Context Objects soooo sloooow

Shamil Salakhetdinov shamil at smsconsulting.spb.ru
Wed Dec 2 08:28:45 CST 2009

Hi Mark,

*Slow Data Contexts*
What do you mean by that? - editing and saving your DNN Data Context Objects
source code in \AppCode subfolder?
What do you mean by "Dbml"?

but have created about 20 module so far
like this.
OK, I have also made 30+ DNN5.x custom modules properly packed etc. - all
very similar to each other but to get the first one was a time-consuming
issue. "Tired" from that. Need a break. Then I maybe will make some more...

Thank you.


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Hello Shamil,

Thank you for your detailed response.

Some comments, I am actually using Chrome to View my work, but I am not
doing any debugging, in the traditional sense, I code a few lines, click
save and then view the results in Chrome, when I am not happy, I flick back
to VS, change it and continue again.  So, it is true to say, I am not really
debugging, just viewing.  However, I stopped using IE a few years ago, and
since I switched to Chrome, it is the first thing I install on new machines.
 With the exception of the MSDN site, it works perfect for me.

*Slow Data Contexts*
So can I assume that this slowness is simply to be accepted, it is either a)
the way VS2008 usually performs, or b) the way VS2008 performs when data
contexts are involved in a large project such as DNN.  I did not notice any
difference when I copied the code from the wwwroot folder, so I hope that is
not part of the problem.

*DNN Development*
Probably I am not doing real DNN custom programming, but I am currently
building web user controls, and simply saving them, and then creating a
module for DNN and including the web user control on that module.  I know
this is not real DNN programming, but have created about 20 module so far
like this.  DNN gives me, as a script kiddie type programmer, they ability
to do a simple web app, but it manages the users and authentication,
something that I could never program.

IOW, with the exception of a few DNN hooks, I am doing simple programming,
but throwing the results into DNN.

*Free Lunch*
I have to say I agree with you, there are limitations everywhere.  My
appoach is always to keep it as simple as possible until I absolutely know
that I need to make it more complex.



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