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Hi John --

For solution you can select one of the projects to be used to handle
That project is usually a core(utility/generic/settings) class library.
Then if you wish you can additionally wrap 


for every/most of the settings into your custom global (Solution scope)
properties' wrappers. Such wrapping makes your referencing projects
independent on actual implementation of handling of application settings.
When that done and works OK you can go and "reinvent the wheel" if needed
without any changes in referencing projects...


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OK, it appears that each project has its own set of properties.  If I set
the same property in the 
current project's property set then


works just fine.

But that is not the behavior I want.  I need a SOLUTION property set, which
appears to not exist? 
Which perhaps would explain why those who have done this before roll their

Does anyone have code to do this so I don't have to roll my own (a.k.a.
reinvent the wheel) too?

John W. Colby

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