[dba-VB] More on SourceGear

Dan Waters df.waters at comcast.net
Wed Jul 6 08:57:58 CDT 2011

>From SourceGear's FAQ page:

Somebody said that Vault is FREE for a single user. Is this true?
Yes. Vault is free for use by a single user. Simply install the product and
do not enter any serial numbers at all. When no serial numbers are present,
Vault behaves as if there is exactly one user license. Note that this free
license does not apply when the product is used by more than one person. If
you have two people who need to use Vault, you will need to
purchase two initial licenses. If you enter a serial number containing only
one license, then the product will still have exactly one license present.

The promotional pair of licenses does not include maintenance updates, but
I'll guess that a single user license can be updated.  Also, I wanted the
Standard version instead of the Pro version.


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