[dba-VB] OO Programming

Francisco Tapia fhtapia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:23:44 CDT 2011

Hey gang,
  This thread I wanted to start to help cover some best practices when it
comes to programming, since we don't have a C# group I figured vb.net is
close enough :).  I was wondering how to approach my current scenario.

I'm building a really rather simple windows service.  It monitors a folder
share on the network and whenever a new file is created it takes a look at
it and streams the contents to read for particular pieces of data.  Once the
target data is obtained, the stream is closed and the data is then inserted
into a Sql Server database.


I'm thinking that the threaded process should have some events it advertises
that the gui can hook into right?  the other way to get this to work would
be to just eliminate the gui updating from the tread and have it read right
off the log.txt file streamed in?  what are your thoughts?

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