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Several years ago, Shamil, Mark Breen, Gustav and perhaps a few others did a project to port the MS 
Northwind Access application to C#.  I was supposed to participate but I wasn't up to speed enough 
on C# to do anything.

It might be interesting to do that project again.

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On 2/4/2012 1:28 PM, Doug Murphy wrote:
> Arthur,
> I can't comment on C# as I use vb.net. But if you want an example project
> there is a nice one on Deborah Kurata's website. It is in vb.net but the
> principles apply to C#. this is kind of old school as it was for her book
> "Doing objects in Visual Basic 2005". Uses stored procedures. I still refer
> to this book from time to time. I don't do enough of this type of work to
> have gotten into the Entity Framework or other new MS technologies.
> Doug
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> I have been Googling and trying to find something meaningful in the way of
> C# sample apps, and falling short just about everywhere I turn. I am trying
> to surmount this hurdle. I have downloaded a bunch of examples that have
> nothing at all to do with databases, which is my principal concern, and so
> all these graphic examples are of little or no interest to me as a
> (primarily) database developer.
> Access 2007 came with a Time&Billing sample that I like a lot. I have
> customized it to suit my needs. It's the perfect small app for me to learn
> my chops in: a few tables, a few listforms, a click on the PK opens the one
> of interest, etc.
> Can anyone provide me to a few links or samples which will help guide me
> into this new world? I have built a few apps that do not concern databases
> (MDI text editor etc.), but I need to move on to the world of DB access,
> starting with small stuff and gradually escalating to 20-table apps and
> then 40-table apps and then 100-table apps; I'm assuming that after that,
> I'll be able to figure out the rest.
> Meanwhile I have several questions, which may reveal my old-school premises:
> 1. Why would I want to use DLinq as opposed to firing sprocs? I absolutely
> have missed the boat on this one.
> 2. In a 10-table app, how many DataLinks and SQLAdapters etc. do I need?
> 3, How does one present a GridView upon which a double-click invokes a
> one-row edit/insert form, then return to the refreshed list?
> 4. Assuming we're abandoning the convenience of Access's Switchboard menu
> system, what is proposed instead?
> 5. I have a UI-problem with the typical hierarchical presentation of data.
> I do not want a list of Customers to invoke another list of
> CustomerProjects, and thence their details, and so on. What I want up front
> is a list of Incomplete Projects, prioritized by Immediacy. Double-clicking
> on one of those ought to open a tabbed form that lists HoursLogged,
> ExpensesIncurred, PaymentsMade, and so on.
> No example that I have yet encountered shows me how to build this sort of
> app. I'm looking for such an example but failing to find it. Can anyone
> provide me with such a link?
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