[dba-VS] Report Writing via Visual Studio

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Hi Brad,

Yes - VS does have a report writer.  And it is very different from the one
in Access.  The best advice I can say is to buy a book on Visual Studio (not
VB or C#) to begin learning reports.  Because reports haven't changed for
several versions of VS, you can get an older book - at least back to VS
2010.  Or, you might find a good set of tutorials somewhere on the web.

Good Luck!

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I have been using Microsoft Access for a lot of report writing tasks for the
past 5+ years.

I am now starting to look at Visual Studio for possible desktop and web

I have downloaded Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and have written a
couple of small VB and C# programs.

I sort of expected to find a Visual Studio report writer that was as good as
the Access report writer.  So far, I have not had much luck.  Is there a
good report writer in VS or is this obtained via some sort of add-on


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