[dba-VS] Using RemoveHandler in a Combobox Base Class

Dan Waters df.waters at outlook.com
Wed Jun 3 10:09:02 CDT 2015

I have a combobox base class (a custom control) which will cause the
combobox to drop down when the control is entered and the selectedindex = -1
(it's empty).  This is a convenience for users.  


However, I recently discovered that when the combobox is dropped down, its
SelectedIndexChanged event also fires, which I want to prevent. In the code
behind the form, I can just use 


RemoveHandler cboName.SelectedIndexChanged, AddressOf


But in the base class, I don't know how to specify what the address is for
the combobox on the form.


This is where I'm stuck:

RemoveHandler, Me.SelectedIndexChanged, AddressOf [What is the address?]


How can this be done?





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