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Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Jun 13 11:01:33 CDT 2015

Hi Shamil

Yes, planning time is difficult. I have never attended a paid course for the same reason. You never know what shows up, and I also try to have a life.

Also, at MVA there are so many courses, that if you one day sit and don't know what to do, just browse for a minute.

But if you find something useful dealing with TypeScript, please drop a note.


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Hi Gustav --
Thank you!
Yes, by using just sublime and gulp I have taken a 'minimalist approach'. It was troublesome sometimes and "slow-to-go" but when one manages to build modern web apps with a minimal set of devtools that makes them really mighty developers :) I don't plan to ignore VS, just waiting for VS2015 to get released. After that I plan to use Sublime/Gulp and VS2015 and WebStorm (I have got purchased it to but not used yet) interchangeably.
It's a pity EdX does not have an advanced TypeScript course, I have searched the Web and it looks like PluralSight has one:
"Using TypeScript for Large AngularJS Applications (3h 7m, 01 Jan 2015)"

It's bound to AngularJS but I anyway planned to learn AngularJS so I will probably take it sometime in the future.
There is another one, AngularJS related which looks interesting.
"AngularJS Line of Business Applications by Deborah Kurata (5h 36 m, 26 Sep 2014, Intermediate)"

Pluralsight courses are not free. And the price for their Plus subscription is rather high (USD50/month). One have to plan their learning route really well to effectively use that subscription: I have taken it a while (year +) ago, and it was more paying for subscription that learning as current work and private life often "eats all the time".

There is also a free AngularJS course from Google:
"Learn to build an application using Angular.js"
I will probably try to take it first.
Thank you.
-- Shamil
Saturday, June 13, 2015 8:02 AM UTC from Gustav Brock <gustav at cactus.dk>:
>Hi Shamil
>Congratulations! And you had your troubles with gulp worked out, I presume.
>I have seen no follow-up course yet, but edX sends me mails about all kinds of courses, so I'm sure they will tell.
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>Emne: Re: [dba-VS] TypeScript
> Hi Gustav et al --
>I have just finished the revised TypeScript EdX course.
>I have been working through it on MS Windows 8.1 but I have been using just sublime and gulp.
>Thank you Gustav for your pointing on this course!
>It was a fun :)
>Waiting for 'Advanced TypeScript' course...
>-- Shamil

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