[dba-VS] EF 6.x, VS2012 - EF model isn't getting stored procedures' defintions updated on refresh

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Tue Oct 6 01:03:06 CDT 2015

 Hi All --

Have you experienced the issue when EF 6.x model  (.edmx and generated .cs classes) isn't getting updated on manual refresh of changed Stored Procedures? How do you usually do this update? For me currently the only way is to manually delete and recreate (add)  "images" of changed Stored Procedures (SPs) - when SPs 'output columns are added/deleted. I don't have that many SPs now so the issue isn't a big deal but I'd like to somehow automate this process to be prepared for larger projects, which will hopefully come to me rather soon:

- all the tables, views, SPs and UDFs I'm "mirroring" in an EDMX is a subset of a real MS SQL Data model - ideal would be to specify somewhere this subset and then by a mouse click run a (custom) tool which will delete existing .edmx, will create a new one with the tables, views, SPs, UFDs in my list.

I'm sure there should be such a tool for VS2012 (but probably not for WCF RIA Services type of projects - see below), sorry, no time for my own research, I have done it so much during last month that just thinking about one more makes me "nervous" - I'm finishing a SIlverlight (WCF RIA Services/Business Applications) project here - it was a lot of "fun" to "fight" with all that stuff, I've learned a lot - and I do plan to share my findings with you here and in other Access-D subscriptions list - stay tuned....

Note on WCF RIA Services projects: WCF RIA Services keeps EDMX in a Web part of its dual (SilverLight + Web) projects, when EDMX is created and DB objects are added to it their entity custom classes aren't only get generated into EDMX's .designer.cs classes but also in a set of .metadata.cs, .web.g.cs ... etc. "crap" (sorry) - to clean it up when the source MS SQL DB's SPs are changing requires manual work - at least for me - any ideas?

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