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Sun Jul 15 01:09:45 CDT 2018

Hi Paul --

Moving VB6 projects to C# promise to be a real challenge IMO.
I have had such a project and it was not a big one, and it was done in increments preserving VB6 ActiveX components on earlier stages of gradual transition VB6 -> C#. This project is in C# now for quite a few years still "VB6 dirty roots" appear here or there complicating code support fixes...

It all depends on the quality of the source VB6 project(s) code - mine was a legacy "spaghetti" nightmare. VB6 projects are often looking like that. I hope yours will be different. But even if it will have a clean streamlined codebase be prepared to rewrite (at least) C# UI part from scratch to optimize long-term support costs.

VB6 and VBA code "in theory" look quite the same but in practice VB6 projects could consist from many ActixeX components, can be layered etc. IOW from software architecture point of view VB6 development is quite a different story than MS Access/VBA development is.

Do recommend your prospect to use .NET Core 2.x for all the backend part of their project till the ASP.NET Core Web API RESTFul web service layer - then this backend part of their application system would be possible to host not only on MS Windows but also on Linux and Mac OS.

-- Shamil

>Thursday, July 12, 2018 12:31 PM +03:00 from Paul Hartland via dba-VS <dba-vs at databaseadvisors.com>:
>To all,
>Got a possible interview with a company that still has software in VB6 and
>will be moving to C#, now I haven't touched VB6 in over 6 years, so was
>just wondering if there is anything out there I can refresh my memory with
>and old visual studio maybe, I do a bit of VBA from time to time so
>hopefully shouldn't be too  different....but any suggestions greatfully
>Thanks in advance.
>Paul Hartland
>paul.hartland at googlemail.com
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