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I suspect this solution is not quite right for you and what you want to do, but maybe it will do the job and save you a whole stack of time and effort.

<< http://www.collectorz.com/>>

Worth a look.


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I'm creating a Video Rental database, and have a couple of roadblocks that I am trying to get through.

A picture of  video / disc schema is available from my Google drive here:

I have three questions:
1. tblStatus currently has status choices of "In", "out", "Sold", "Damaged"
 I was thinking that I would put a StatusID FK field in tblDiscs to reflect if the disc is currently in, out or otherwise. Then I started thinking that I should have a junction table in between to keep a history.  Then I started thinking that it really should be tied to tblInvoiceLine, which shows when it was rented out. Any ideas on which way to proceed?

2. tblRentalSales was designed to track when an older, multiple copy has been sold off. Really, I should put a flag in tblInvLine to indicate if that particular line item was "sold" rather than rented (both can happen in one transaction). Also, this could affect the previous question (Status of disc is now sold)

3. Games (Xbox, Playstation....): I am unsure whether or not to make it a flag in tblTitles, or set it in tblGenres or even tblFormat. tblFormat (DVD, BlueRay, VHS...) could have a choice of Game, or even more granualar such as XBOX.

I was thinking of using tblGenres (Horror, Comedy, Action...) for games as I do for Movies, but I guess I could use them for game platform such as  Playstation (what about Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PlayStation 3, 4...).

Any way, I would really appreciate any suggestions for any or all of the three questions.

Thank you,
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