[dba-SQLServer] ASP to 64-bit

Michael Maddison michael at ddisolutions.com.au
Tue Sep 16 05:09:37 CDT 2008

Hi Mike,

Taking a wild stab here...
I suspect you need to make sure that the user has select permissions on
the tables.
Not the most secure thing to do but it seems you are executing strings
in the ASP and
returning recordsets so table level permissions will be required.
Havn't done any ASP classic in years and never with 64-bit SQL...


Michael M

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Dear List
Wonder if anyone else has come up against this and can give me a
I'm normally a lurker, and usually well behind the times - I only get to

this email late at night (in London) so don't expect instant

Anyway, there exist several SQL 2000 databases using ASP front ends (I 
didn't write them). They run on the same server as the Internet
Server serving them. Our office in Aberdeen has kindly chosen to install
64-bit operating system, and install SQL 2005. Obviously, the test
doesn't work.

First advice I saw was to change the connection string to use SQLOLEDB.
enabled the front screen to open, which uses a Set rs=OpenRecordset 
However, the later screens where rs=cmd.Execute was used, failed, and I
pointers suggesting that the parameters object needed to be overtly 
declared. Not that the particular page had parameters, but anyway that
going to involve recoding some hundreds of ASP files.

I learnt that it was possible to enable 32-bit apps within 64-bit IBIS
running a single vbs command in the Admin web site utility - this is now

done. I can connect to the first page using a DSN equivalent to the
but set up in odbcad32.exe in the SysWoW64 folder rather than control
Admin Tasks, ODBC.

But it falls down at the same point - setting a recordset to cmd.Execute

gives me a server error 500. I could recode around the Selects, but what

about the Inserts, Modifies and Deletes ? VBscript is of course not
enabled so my testing options are limited.

Am I missing something obvious ? I can't entertain the idea of rewriting
entire set.

Mike Tope 

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