[dba-SQLServer] SPAM-LOW: Re: SQL Server 2005 unresponsive

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Fri Sep 4 12:06:35 CDT 2009

Thanks for the reply.

The temp file is going to my C: drive which has about 37 gig used and 250 gig free, so I assume that 
isn't it.

 >Do you use Simple or Bulk logged recovery?

Unfortunately I don't know.  I looked at that stuff ages ago, I think I set it up to use bulk 
because of the massive import / export that I do but at this moment I do not know.

 >Have you tried running profiler or a trace to capture what is happening?

Unfortunately I do not even know how.  Remember that I am a one person shop.  I build my own 
computers, install my own servers, set up my own SQL Server, office, email and everything else that 
I need.  I AM the IT department.  Additionally my REAL work is doing the work that uses these tools, 
writing applications in some cases, processing data in others.

I can only be well versed in so many things and the ins and outs of SQL Server is not one of the 
things that I am well versed in.  Sad but true.

So whenever I ask for assistance I am really asking for more than "have you tried running a 
profiler".  What is a profiler, how do I set one up?  What am I profiling?  Not racial profiling I 
hope (that's a BAD thing).

I am truly in an unfortunate position here in that it takes YEARS for SQL Server administrators 
become good at their jobs and I am not an SQL Server administrator, nor do I want to be one.  I have 
to learn just enough to do exactly what I need and then I have to get back to work on my real job. 
I have two other clients banging on me to get Access work done for them.


So in the end I just put up with problems like this, start it running and go do something else while 
it takes forever to complete.  It is just discouraging since I have spent a lot of money getting 
hardware that should allow SQL Server to fly, and it SOMETIMES seems to limp along like a crippled 
old dog.  Other times it does indeed seem to fly.  Strange.

John W. Colby

Nancy Lytle wrote:
> How is your SQL temp db set up, size location, etc? It could be the cause of your issue if it grows out of hand and fills up the drive it is on. Do you use Simple or Bulk logged recovery?  Have you tried running profiler or a trace to capture what is happening?
> Just some ideas.
> Nancy Lytle 

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