[dba-SQLServer] NoSQL etc.

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:24:22 CST 2011

Pleased as I am to receive your agreement, I remain open to
the possibility that I am missing something here. To take one example, the
Windows repository seems to do fairly well with key-value pairs plus a
hierarchical arrangement, so let's grant those folks a + in the Advantages
column, and also a - in the Disadvantages column.

All that said and given, strengths and weaknesses admitted, the question
remains: is this NoSQL technology useful for any transactional db/website?

Frankly, I have no idea, and am seeking experience and insight. For the
sake of argument, let us suppose a site offering 200K products, grouped in
categories (say Motherboards, RAM, hard disks, SSDs, and even for the sake
of nostalgia, 3.5 floppies). LOL: a very narrow product-niche: a USB
3.5+5.5 floppy,,, wow, I bet we could sell 100 of those units!).

Forgive the aside. The salient point remains, does the NoSQL paradigm draw
a line between retrieval-dbs and transactional-dbs? This is not all that
different between drawing a line between OLAP and OLTP dbs, with which
division I am familiar in both principle and practice. But I am not sure
how that knowledge ports to Nowadays, in this allegedly new world of NoSQL


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