[AccessD] Access 365 Saved Exports where are the specs??

Borge Hansen pcs.accessd at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 00:59:09 CDT 2021

Hello everyone,
I have several saved Export specifications that exports various select
queries to Excel.
The exported excel file name is based on the name of the query.
If the excel file name exists from before, the export creates a new
worksheet in the file.
All exports work fine - all is good.

BUT where can I find the actual export specification for each of these exports?
For example - the current exports all go to a folder in our R:\ drive
If I want to change this to another folder or another drive - where
can I do that?

So far no luck on google!

suggestion by Crystal  on 10FEB2016 on

The tables that store import/export specs are:
While you cannot modify the tables directly, you can use APPEND
queries to add records to those tables -- and you can delete records
from them directly. You can probably use UPDATE queries on them too,
but what I usually do is
1. make-table from the columns of a spec using MsysIMEXcolumns
2. delete rows from MsysIMEXcolumns for a particular spec
3. modify specs
4. use APPEND query to write records back to MsysIMEXcolumns for a
particular spec

I followed the suggestion here, but the value in the two Msys tables
only relates to one export and stays the same after running various
exports - so, I think the actual specs are kept somewhere else.

Any one?


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