[dba-SQLServer] another nudge on that DELETE, OUTER JOIN quirk

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Mon May 8 15:06:45 CDT 2006

Try a Select if that works then it is a problem with an non updateable 
I know Joe Celko addresses a lot of these outerjoin problems between 
different database
SQL Syntax in SQL for Smarties.

Susan Harkins wrote:

>I tried yours -- the only difference seems to be that you specified the
>non-nullable table. Using the following statement, I still got an error:
>DELETE Customers.*
>FROM Customers LEFT JOIN Orders
>ON Customers.CustID = Orders.CustID
>I'm using Express -- prehaps the two versions aren't compatiable on this
>Susan H. 
> Are you specifying which table to delete from
>DELETE DISTINCTROW Original_Table.* FROM  Original_Table LEFT JOIN ...
>DELETE  Original_Table.* FROM  Original_Table LEFT JOIN ...
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