[dba-Tech] OT: Global Warming

Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 10:17:42 CDT 2012

Given the high IQ base of members of this list, I would assume that
virtually everyone here accepts the ugly facts of global warming. But the
facts just grew even uglier. See
http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/greenland-melt.html for a
particularly grim portrait of the (formerly huge) Greenland glacier, now a
mere wisp of ice.

I've read, here and there, of the consequences of a rise in the oceans of a
mere meter: sayonara, NYC (especially Manhattan), Florida, much of Boston
and Japan. Were I a land-owner in any of these jurisdictions, I'd be
thinking seriously of dumping my ownings asap. Perhaps fortunately, I don't
own land anywhere, so for me personally this is not a problem; however, the
ancillary effects will definitely touch me, and millions of others located
far from any ocean.

Couple this with the drought levels in the corn-and-soybean states (Ohio,
Michigan, etc.) and we can anticipate a huge price increase in beef,
chicken and other meats. If I were wealthy enough to own a large freezer, I
would definitely think about buying as much of the aforementioned as
possible. Most (North American) livestock is fed with the by-products of
corn and soy, and this disastrous heat-wave and drought are going to cause
huge price increases. Not even the vegans among us are immune to this, IMO.

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