[dba-Tech] Zoom and audiodg.exe

Tina N Fields tinanfields at torchlake.com
Sun Jan 24 12:44:44 CST 2021

Hi All,

The Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation sound management engine 
(audiodg.exe) takes up virtually 100% of disk activity once it is called 
for when I launch Zoom. It can take up to 20 minutes for it to finish 
whatever it has to do, and of course Zoom is Not Responding during all 
that time.

The information I have found so far advised to set the playback device 
sound enhancements to none, which seemed to work for a day. However, the 
next day, when I launched Zoom, I had exactly the same issue. 
Intriguingly, I note that once Zoom has been fully launched and exited, 
it seems to continue to launch well at least for a while. It's as though 
the supporting components have stayed around and available. For 
instance, today, the first time I launched Zoom, it took 10 minutes. The 
second time I launched it, it took less than one minute. Just a bit ago, 
I launched it again, and this time it took a full 20 minutes.

Watching the performance monitor, I can see at least 20 entries for 
audiodg.exe, all with the same PID, but doing differing amounts of 
reading. Eventually, they get all done. During the process, I also see 
zCrashRpt (or something similar, it blinks in and out quickly). This 
suggests that a Zoom crash report is being generated, which could be of 

I really need to make my Zoom application stable. I need to use it for 
meetings. And I need to be able to use it for recording some class 
sessions. Does anybody have experience or expert advice to share?


Tina Norris Fields

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