[dba-Tech] Network puzzles

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Oct 9 02:13:34 CDT 2021

Hi Tina

Check that you have SMBv2/SMBv3 enabled on both machines with this PowerShell command:

Get-SmbServerConfiguration | Select EnableSMB1Protocol, EnableSMB2Protocol

If the unsecure SMBv1 is enabled, you should be able turn it off, unless you have other devices (old printer) that only can use SMBv1.

Full story:

Steps to Enable and Disable SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 in Windows Servers – Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Hosting Knowledgebase (bodhost.com)<https://kb.bodhost.com/steps-to-enable-and-disable-smbv1-smbv2-and-smbv3-in-windows-servers/>


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Emne: Re: [dba-Tech] Network puzzles

Yes, booting pretty much with every change.

In Services, I've started every network service I find.

Yes, the antivirus is off for now.

Dang! I still cannot see the WIN 10 computer from the WIN 81 computer.

And I cannot see the WIN 81 computer from the WIN 10 computer.

What am I missing?


Tina Norris Fields

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